Rod Bryan runs for governor
Rod Bryan runs for governor of Arkansas as an independent candidate, stating

"Several years ago I started talking about opening a record store. After a while I took Ghandi's advice to "become the change you wish to see," and my store, Anthro-Pop opened in 2001. In the countless talks I've had with customers at my store over the last four years, some recurring themes have been the destruction of our natural habitat, increased corporate influence upon our government, schools, and media, and the costs and reasons behind the ever increasing militarism of the United States.

It amazes me how much money is collectively spent by the Democrats and Republicans in their election campaigns. I liken them to two massive Humvees meeting on a single lane bridge over a small creek. While they scream at each other to get out of the way I'm passing under the bridge in a canoe, headed downstream to take care of business, and getting a 100% better gas mileage!

The old Democrat vs. Republican gag is like a game of corporate Ping-Pong played on a four-to-eight year long table. What one side accomplishes, the other side begrudgingly undoes. The largest corporations give money to both sides just to make sure that they are covered regardless. Our current state and federal governments are devoid of creativity- unless widening the gap between rich and poor is your idea of art.

We need someone who will speak his or her mind independently of special interest and use the governor's office to champion homegrown ideas and ingenuity. Someone with the vision to create jobs with the resources we have now and recruit businesses to the state that will improve the standard of living in the future.

If we must spend money on renovating the governor's mansion, lets get some solar panels on it. Let's quit spraying chemicals on wild flowers. Let's stop clear cutting. Let's quit planting monocultures. We need some creativity in office. John Lennon said it best:"There are no problems, only solutions."

A lot of things that you will see on this site may come off as brash or naive. I don't mind ruffling a few feathers to get the ball rolling toward the real change that I think is long overdue.

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