Lucero receives Plug Independent Music Award nomination
Lucero's "Nobody's Darling" is nominated for Plug Independent Music Awards for Best Americana Album.

Excerpt from "Lucero in the limelight at last" (11/25/06 - Scenestars):

While no one familiar with Lucero's tale of toil and travel would ever accuse the group of being an overnight success, 2005 has been a year of firsts for the Memphis band that has spent the last seven years on the well-worn path of the tour circuit.

This week, Lucero's Nobody's Darlings was nominated for a Plug Independent Music Award, for best Americana album, in competition with bands including Iron & Wine/Calexico and Nickel Creek. (Plug is a collective of writers, DJs, webmasters, bloggers, indie retailers and fans who "celebrate the artists who live and flourish in the margins.")

After losing their record deal when their label, Tiger Style, folded in 2004, Lucero decided to leave their "punktry" roots behind and make a rock record with renowned producer Jim Dickinson. In eight days, singer Ben Nichols, bassist John Stubblefield, drummer Roy Berry and guitarist Brian Venable recorded Nobody's Darlings, constructed a new sound and found a new approach to recording: sobriety.

"We like to think of ourselves as professional," says Nichols, "although actually we're pretty far from it. But we didn't want to waste (Dickinson's) time -- if he was getting paid a lot of money from a major label then maybe -- but since there was no money, we tried not to make him babysit us, and that usually means not drinking."

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