The Moving Front forms
Good old Little Rock. The Moving Front began one snowy week in late 2004 when Mark Lewis, Micah Fitzhugh, and Brian Rodgers decided to write some songs since they had the week off due to the weather. They kept it going and started playing quite a bit over the next few months. Sometime in early 2005 they ran into Shoban Johnson (of Substance fame) who had just moved back from Atlanta and started reworking the songs to fit his vocals. That went on for a while and according to the band was really fun, but then it kind of started to fall apart.

During this time, the band had brought in Jeremy Brasher (Stranger Steals, Affection, Deleted, W/O, etc. etc.) to kind of produce and help out in the songwriting mainly because he is somewhat of a genius in this area and more importantly because he isn't afraid to tell you that you suck and back it up with reasons why he is right. So once things came to an end with Shoban, Brasher was the logical choice to come in and shake things up a bit. Now with a new singer/keyboardist, TMF began rewriting the songs with Jeremy's vocals/lyrics and writing some new stuff and within a few months they started playing out.

Things stayed the same for a while and eventually they made it into Wolfman Recording Studio and recorded 8 songs with Jason Tedford. Shortly after this TMF played a show in Fayetteville where one Collin Miles came up to the band after the show and told them he could make them “awesome” or something like that. Anyway, they asked Collin to join the band and once again started changing the songs and writing more new stuff. Collin and Brian recorded Collin's tracks over the recordings they had done with Tedford and then handed it over to Barry Poynter at Poynter's Palace to master the album.

Around this time TMF started practicing a lot and playing out locally and regionally as much as possible. This has continued to be the case until the present. The guys have recently agreed to put out the album with Max Recordings and are very excited get to work with Burt Taggart and join all of the other great Little Rock bands that call Max home. The band is also in the process of filming a video with local bad asses Bryan Stafford, Mark Benz, and Kevin Stansbury.

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