File 13 moves to Chicago
After 10 years in Philly, Matt, Brian, and Atom all decided to retire label ownership in 2002 after releasing the debut from Need New Body and an Atom and his Package CDEP. Longtime contributors Stephen Schmidt [Chino Horde and Thumbnail member] and Justin Sinkovich [Thumbnail, Sterling, The Poison Arrows, and Atombombpocketknife member, co founder of and] resurrected File 13 in their home city of Chicago that year. By 2005s end, Stephen and Justin released music by the Chicago groups Red Eyed Legends, Sterling, The Dishes, Atombombpocketknife, The Poison Arrows and TRS-80; plus albums by NY's Martin Rev [of Suicide], Odiorne, The Silent League and Philadelphia's Need New Body. 2005 also found File 13 releasing albums by bands from abroad for the first time -- Tokyos My Way My Love and Bologna Italys Franklin Delano.

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