Eldred and Virginia Garcia welcome you to their Living Room
The Living Room opens on Kavanaugh. Southern Living Magazine says, "This Little Rock bistro will surprise with music and more.

Much to the surprise of visitors, a living room sits in the middle of Little Rock. Wall-to-wall art, freshly prepared food, and a distinctive downstairs den for music lovers await guests at the area's new coffeehouse on Kavanaugh Boulevard. Christened The Living Room, this place gives couch potatoes a good reason to get out.

That same passion spills onto the walls, which feature the works (all for sale) of Little Rock artists. Guests munch on entrees and feed their souls with Impressionistic paintings by John Kushmaul, which sell for $100 to $400. Less expensive hand-cut stencils by Dave Raymond go for $50. Folk art lovers enjoy the works by Kevin Kerby, which range from $75 to $100.

On Friday and Saturday nights musicians perform in the downstairs den. An intimate setting that seats 35 to 40 people, the music room features a varied selection of acts including country singers, rock musicians, and even aspiring pop stars."
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