Rod Bryan opens Anthro-Pop Records
Rob Bryan, formerly of Ho-Hum, opens Anthro-Pop Records, a vinyl-friendly establishment
Joy Ritchey // Unfotunately closed now. My favorite record store ever, mostly because talking to Rod and just kicking around there was fun. Also the music. Rod has good taste and would always show me something I'd never heard before and I'd end up loving it. I'm curious to see what moves into that space and if Rod gets back in the business.
JP Bodiak // Here is a link to a interview I did w/ Rod Bryan (Ho-Hum). For Those who don't know Rod, he is kind of a local music guru here in Little Rock. He even ran for Governeor for Arkansas last year. This interview was a few years before that. It was at his record store "Anthro-Pop" which he still runs today here in Little Rock.
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