Dave Wilkinson // The Body was awesome! it was about 3 or 4 years since I had moved to Memphis for school and once in awhile SNS would come through and the Body played at this place called 1297 Madison. The place was also ran by my friend and former band mate (both in People's War and Dead City) and it was a small place where everything was falling apart. Anyway, the Body played there and they had burlap sacks on their heads with nooses tied to the rafters. I thought it was amazing. I think they should bring that back at some point.
Nate Powell // In spring 2000, Chip King (Hundred Years War, Invisible Insane, Full Service Quartet, Generation of Vipers, Crown of Glory) and Lee Buford (Everyone Asked About You, Divine Hook-Up, Class of Eighty Four, Lorna Doom) team up to form The Body, suspended by nooses hung from rafters and obscured by burlap sacks over their heads. The Body's first tour was with Soophie Nun Squad in June 2000, culminating in their performance at the More Than Music Fest in Columbus, OH that year.

The duo moved back and forth from Providence, RI beginning in 2002 (along with many other Little Rock transplants) and continue to tour like crazy, having released an LP, two 7"s, and several demos. Beginning in 2003, LOUD became the M.O. as Chip eventually found himself playing his guitar through 8-12 amps. The Body remains the only band to ever make me vomit, and this was done through the sheer, literally heart-stopping low-end vibrations of their sound. It's a beautiful thing.
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