Short-lived Boomfancy forms
Nate Powell // Boomfancy was a five-piece formed in Spring 2000 as Mike Lierly and Anna Newell played drums and guitar together on tentative Soophie Nun Squad songs. Mike's and my good friend Natalja Kent (now of The Good Good) arrived in town with a bass and the intention to "start a band for the summer". Jenny Holt (Sugarjets, No City No State) and I had always wanted to sing in a band together, and suddenly Boomfancy came to be. Our first practice was May 27th; by May 31st we had played two shows and recorded a 5-song demo. Over the summer, we played a handful of shows with Soophie and The Body on the East Coast and Midwest, then recorded a 7-song 7" that August (which is still my favorite record I've ever made) and played a few shows with Soophie and Tight Bros From Way Back When.

In January 2001, Boomfancy (still with just an 8-minute set) went on an incredibly serendipitous tour with Abe Froman from Michigan. Several cars broke down on the first day or two, no shows were set up, and everything just kept working like magic! Over the course of the week I fell in love more ... (More)
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