Gioteens have a reactionary time
Nate Powell // Gioteens began in 1997 as Mike Lierly on vocals, Eli Monster on guitar, Tim Scott on bass, and Mark Lierly on drums. They mustered up three incredibly fast thrash songs, and wound up playing two shows on Soophie's first tour. Eventually, Mark lost interest in the Gioteens' caffeine-addled ways, and Mike took over on drums while I sang. We hopped on a few Soophie/Body shows on summer tour in 2000, then embarked on our own mini-tour up to Minneapolis, where Tim was due to build a boat on which he would float the length of the Mississippi River! We toured in Eli's primer-gray 1977 Caprice station wagon (which had recently been appraised at $41). There was no radio, so we occupied ourselves on the drives by collectively reading through "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, carefully reaching a consensus on whether or not to turn to page 71.

I digress. It is, however, notable that Gioteens was maybe the only band besides Entrance to technically be a "straight-edge" band. Most songs were about typical reactionary subject matter for 21-year olds (pay attention for the Gioteens Hypocrisy Meter): friends getting married and "laaame" (until '02 when Eli tied the knot), how "immunity ... (More)
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