Nate Powell // Brad Thorne and Billy Grubbs team up with most of the membership of Soophie Nun Squad (including Mikael Wood, Mike Lierly, Mark Lierly, Maralie Armstrong-Milholland, Eli Monster, and Nate Powell), Emil Heiple, Ashley Goodspeed, Becca Thorne, Clay Grubbs, and a few others to release a total of 11 episodes of this half-hour sketch comedy show on Comcast public access. The endeavor eventually expands into live performances and screenings at Vino's, as well as intermittent and atrocious performances by the Fun and Games grunge band Harsh Reality. Editing chores were accomplished by breaking in to the UALR audio/visual labs late at night (where Brad had attended classes in TV production) and sneaking out as students entered in the morning.

Notable characters include the Hip Hop Vampire (whose incredible dance moves caused a minor craze at Parkview High in 1999), Kenny Hathaway and his Leg, Murphy the Office Entertainer, The Tonic Biter, The Suitcase Slayer, Beauty by Klaus, Manson Wiley, and the Camouflage Vigilante. The "Bad Influence Christmas Tree" can be viewed on YouTube.

The final episode is released in December 2000, and the final live performance at Vino's was December 2002 (complete with Harsh Reality as a two-piece, Nate and Mike only, covering ... (More)
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