Clunk Music Hall opens
Since 1998, Fayetteville's Music Hall has been hosting shows for local, regional and national bands. Over the years, the Music Hall has gone through a few name changes and owners but the goal has been the same: to provide a safe place for all ages to enjoy live music. Over 1000 shows have graced the room held together with ducktape.
Charlie Porter // Clunk Music Hall was the first place I ever met Jay Hall, and of course the irreputable Christopher Michael Selby (meanest guy I know).

I think it was the Spring of 2000...

I had never been to Clunk in my life, though I had heard of it and seen lots of flyers around the U of A campus for shows that I would intend on going to and then get a little tipsy by 8 or 9 and forget. Well, this night I showed up at Clunk all by myself, which is intimidating in a way, sort of like the first day of high school or worse.

Anyway, I don't remember exactly why (i think i knew somebody in a band, maybe?) but for some reason my name was on a list of some sort, which in hindsight is laughable on its own, but anyway Jay was working the door that night. I waited in line and when I got to him he said, "Hey, 5 bucks!", and I said "I think I am suppose to be on a list or something?" He looked at me very puzzled and said "What the hell are you talking about?!?"

Uh oh, I must have ... (More)
Clay Simmons // Clunk Music Hall, the first incarnation of the music hall, was started and lovingly maintained by Chris Selby (aka Clunk) until he eventually got rid of the space to book shows at other venues around town. Not sure of the year. I remember when he got the space, a bunch of people pitched in and helped build the stage, a three foot high platform at the front of the building. There was an unpacked parachute stuffed under there. Not sure where that came from. Located behind a Chinese restaurant on College Ave in Fayetteville, the building, a windowless steel frame and cinder block monstrosity, wasn't much on atmosphere, but Chris managed to make a go of it for many years. It's hard not to like Chris, thus he developed phone friendships with a lot of big name booking agents and distributors. He was able to bring in a lot of big touring bands. Modest Mouse played there a handful of times. When Chk Chk Chk (!!!) would play, they'd re-christen the place "Crunk Music Hall" for the evening. Chris also managed to keep all of his neighbors (the aforementioned restaurant, a strip club, and a martial arts studio) from getting ... (More)
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