Soophie Nun Squad goes on first tour
Nate Powell // In July 1997, just after the release of their second 7", Soophie Nun Squad (by then a seven-piece) embarks on a six-show, 11-day trek eastward. Dustin Clark, having just returned from a Shake Ray Turbine tour, cannot afford the journey, so Mikael Wood fills in on guitar. In noteworthy events, the band steals a watermelon from the basement of the Watergate Apartments, Mark Lierly gets attacked by Atom (& His Package)'s dog Books, three members get radon poisoning in a Pittsburgh basement, and Soophie gets shooed out of Evansville, IN by police and ex-Nazi "Christian Punks" who refer to SNS as "punk rock pagans"--they lock themselves in a vacant church office, and Nate Powell poops into a sandwich bag while the remaining members chase runaway rats around the room.
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