Nate Powell // Ryan Seaton (Halo Perfecto, Callers, Flaws) and Mikael Wood (Soophie Nun Squad) formed this acoustic two-piece, and for the first year of their existence only play PopFest. It should also be noted that Mikael's guitar at the time was autographed by Ritchie Sambora of Bon Jovi. In 1999, after recording their debut album, Mary Clarendon Mulkey joined; the trio was also sometimes joined by Collins Kilgore (American Princes, Everyone Asked About You) on-no joke-harmonic wine glasses. This band could really fuck some shit up-either completely alienate the audience or make everyone melt into a pool of melancholy. Landmark Records put out a 12" EP of theirs in 2000, and their ad in HeartattaCk proclaimed, "3 kids with acoustic guitars and strings= way more emo than all those Indian Summer records you bought off eBay." They recorded a second full-length in 2003-a crushing album which never got released.
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