The Little Rock Outpost
1408 Bowman Road - The Outpost is home to both Theo Witsell's Tree of Knowledge distro and shows with local and touring bands.
Clay Simmons // I loved going to shows here. The whole place kind of reminded me of my crappie-fishing grandpa's den. Wood paneling everywhere. Most people parked at the roller/ice-skating rink across the street. A few of the photos inside the Shake Ray Turbine CD were from a show we played at The Outpost.
Jason Pippin // The Outpost was a base of operations for Theo Witsell's Tree of Knowledge mail order distro, venue, and residence on Bowman road in Little Rock. The Outpost was the previous residence of notorious
rock band groupie "Sweet, Sweet Connie" Hamzy. ( Theo Witsell, Jeremy Brasher, Jim Thompson, Matt Limo, Jason Pippin, and Chuck Folmer and several other people all lived there during the years of 1995-1996. I remember a large Vegan Potluck every Monday night would draw people from all over town as well as curious folk throughout the area, as well as several shows that took place there. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing Branch Manager, The Freshmakers, Full Service Quartet, Soophie Nun Squad, and many other shows there.
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