Harlan Records releases its debut album
Harlan Records releases its first vinyl release, Soophie Nun Squad's 7" in March of 1995.
Nate Powell // We made 500 of these 7"s on red vinyl, and Dustin actually handled all the pressing business. They were recorded in Cammack Village at Jon Thompson's house by the Wyrm guys, who also recorded the last William Martyr 17 stuff a few months prior. It was done live to a digital 8-track, straight to minidisc—we couldn't mix ANYTHING, so after each take we'd unplug the 8-track, go into the living room, plug it up and listen to the song. Mike and I were very sick during this session, so our muffled voices are a result of the flu, not of poor recording quality.

We recorded about 20 songs at this session and only six made it to the record—I still wish we'd chosen different songs. One that made it was the embarrassing "You Purple-Eyed Beeyotch, You Broke My Heart", a post-breakup song about Ashlie Atkinson, now actress of Inside Man, Fat Pig, and Rescue Me fame.

The label was still called Food Chain Records until 1997, when Noah Young gave me a few hundred bucks to help release the second SNS 7", on the condition that we would rename the label in honor of his late father.
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