Mary Clarendon Mulkey // The first time I saw the Big Cats play I was totally in love. That high-school-this-is-totally-serious- kind of love that when your boyfriend is a guitar-playing-kitchen-rock-star is frickin awesome. I'm pretty sure I was "in love" with the whole band though. And maybe still am...don't tell my husband.

My main regrets of this time period are not having photo documentation of the following occurrences at what later was labeled the Big Cats' house:

1] The number of Rebel Yell bottles we killed that were strategically lined up like little soldiers on top of Burt and Shannon's fridge.
2] The gaping hole that Shannon kicked in the wall [after drunkenly jumping off the couch playing air guitar to a Bangles song] that Burt strategically covered up with some random piece of faux art.
3] Prom circa '96...oh wait, there is photo documentation of this thanks to Josh Skidlededee! If you guys pay me enough, I won't post it on your Myspace pages...
4] The 800,000 talks I had with Colin on the front porch swing about which Beatle: song/documentary/film/compilation/human was the best.
5] All the random nights that other people have pictures of that I don't.

Yep, them were the days...
Colin Brooks // 200 Rice Street was an incredible place. A lot went on there. The Big Cats first show took place in the kitchen there on New Years eve '94. I remember 8Bark playing there too, and many, many others. It seems like everyone, but me lived there at some point. Some of the craziest parties I've ever been to took place there. It was never boring. I tried to impress a girl there once by jumping over a trash can after a couple of beers. I didn't clear it, and I had to drive myself stick shift to the emergency room with a bloody chin. The things you do for love ...
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