Class of 84 forms
Rett Peek, Sam Murphy, and Lee Buford form Class of 84
Dave Wilkinson // I loved watching Class Of 84 play it was just nuts how into what they were doing was. Although I have seen a lot of bands in Little Rock play with passion before...this was something I don't really think anyone could explain. Even if they broke their instruments or did some sort of damage to them you could tell that it wasn't anything premeditated, they just did it.
Clay Simmons // Sam Murphy, Rett Peek, and Lee Buford. I think of Class of 84 as the seed from which so much musical sweetness eventually sprang. It seems that this is where these three lads cut their musical teeth. Rett played Josh Bentley's bass that he fished out of the Arkansas River after Josh gave it a rather emotional boot at the infamous Belvedere show. Shake Ray Turbine had many good times with Class of 84 on the road in march of 1996. I remember playing a show at 808 State Street before we left for that tour. Sam was so into it that he broke the neck off his guitar. A sign of things to come for the next week.
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