Dave Wilkinson // I also want to add that in memory of Chris a compilation record called We Lost Beauty came out the following year. It had Chris' favorite bands as well as some of the Little Rock bands such as Soophie Nun Squad and Red 40. Soophie Nun Squad had done a really pretty instrumental on the record and of course some people mistakenly thought that SNS was an emo band. The record also had a butterfly on the cover of it as well
Dave Wilkinson // This was the year that Chris Horne was killed in a tragic car accident. I remember hearing about that from a friend of mine when we were skateboarding and I was really shocked to find that out. It was the first time that anyone that I knew had ever passed away. From what I gathered William Martyr 17 had played a show in Fayetteville and Chris and a friend of the band's went with Chris to keep him company so he could drive back to Little Rock. They took turns driving so the other could sleep. Chris was asleep and the other person also fell asleep and the went off the road and Chris had died. Chris was one of the nicest guys I ever met very friendly and a really talented drummer. He was in a couple of other bands as well as William Martyr and it was amazing to me at the age he was which was 16 that he could play well and was already playing out of town shows.
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