Burt Taggart moves to Kalispell
Richard Matson // After graduating from high school, Burt Taggart forgoes college and moves to Kalispell, Montana and becomes the subject of many "vision quest" jokes back home. The Montana winter proves rough, Burt spends most of his time holed up in a motel room watching Bruce Springsteen videos. In 8 weeks, Burt has given up on the West and returned to Little Rock decked out in full Americana rocker attire, complete with white t-shirt, black jeans, bandana in back pocket and "Melting Pot" (a John Melloncamp) song tattooed on his arm. Burt starts smoking cigarettes to make his voice more like Melloncamp's. The 6 Big Cats songs he wrote in Montana would reflect the change in musical sensibility and would prove enormously influential in Little Rock over the coming years.
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