Albert Lai // Excerpt from Charlie James' Localist interview with Jerry Colburn:

To many Localist readers the name Jerry Colburn is familiar. He's the man with the white hair and short cropped white beard who has held down the drum stool in the Bloodless Cooties all these years. He has hammered the skins for a handful of other notable bands too, while he and his son, Jeremy, have been general troublemakers here in town since back when Sonic Youth were actual youths. Just so you know, Jerry has played in bands with me for a long time, and our new incarnation, The Behaviourists (with Sarah Gibbs), is almost ready to sully itself in the public forum.

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Burt Taggart // Led by father & son duo Jerry & Jeremy Colburn (along with former Foxy Emma singer Louisa Rook) and Steve Schmidt. The Bloodless Cooties blast out apocalyptic, Mummies-style garage rock.
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