Dave Wilkinson // It was around 1993 or so when Trusty had the "Cockatoo"and the "Kathy's Keen" seven inch records out. Prior to those seven inches and the Lp, I didn't see Trusty when they were local band, but when they had moved to D.C. and came back. They played the day after Christmas with The Taintskins from Memphis. As I look back on this I think there were a lot of Memphis kids that came up to this show. Because there was a lot of slamming and circle pits. Which was fun, but it didn't seem all that characteristic of the Little Rock scene because (as Colin Brooks mentioned in his story about the Memphis scene being more violent) I never really saw slamming at shows very much. However I do remember it was a fun show and I tried to stage dive without much success at first and I remember James Brady reaching over and sort of pushing me off the stage with this look of "get the fuck off the stage man!"
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