Jay Werth // At the risk of embarrassing my son, Matt Werth, here's a "parental unit" look at the scene in the early to mid 90's.

We were immersed via Matt's many ventures with iterations of bands from Muddle to William Martyr 17, zines, house/park shows, and our home serving as a band hostel. We may have been the only address in Little Rock that had a different well used van parked at the front entrance every week.

Amazingly, only one broken window after many travelers' stays. One of the more interesting occasions was when we got a call out of the blue from two women from California traveling cross country who saw a notice Matt posted in the zine "Book Your Fucking Life," indicating that a phone call would provide Little Rock shelter at our address.

Another unforgettable experience was my accompanying Matt and band traveling from Little Rock to Columbia, MO for a show. I trailed the band vehicle, our 1987 Chevy wagon. The cops profiled the wagon and pulled them over. I served as the witness for their upstanding character and on we went.

Upon arrival in Missouri at about 2:00 a.m., I wasn't about to crash on the floor in some stranger's home, ... (More)
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