The roots of Harlan Records
Nate Powell sows the seeds for Harlan Records in September 1992 when he begins self-publishing the comic book D.O.A. with fellow artists Mike Lierly and Nathan Wilson. Dubbed Food Chain Productions, it would print a dozen more books.
Nate Powell // D.O.A. was the first comic I ever completed and published. We made 105 copies of the first issue by scamming the interiors at our parents' offices, and Colin Brooks (who was working at the JFK Kinko's at the time) made color copies of the cover for us, though we incorrectly assumed that we could get a sweet discount on said covers by pointing out that we thanked Substance in our comic. They sold out really fast at local comic stores, all four issues; our fourteen- and- fifteen year old selves could hardly believe that we were actually receiving fan mail (even if it was from sixth-graders). It was another few years of reading zines before I realized that I could express what was important to me in narrative form WITHOUT using superheroes to do it.

Mike Lierly and Dustin Clark were in a band in mid-92 called Kudita (pronounced 'coup d'etat') with Bill Brookshire and Nate Price, and their demo tape was due to be the first release on Food Chain Records, but they fizzled out before even playing a show.
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