Burt Taggart // Day two we started out from Middleton, TN heading north for a show that night in Bloomington. I remember that we hit southern Indiana after going through a storm and with the backroads we were taking, we came out in just the most green, densest area you've ever seen. Had to stop for a train passing and we all got out to smoke and get excited. Two days later we were back further down south with our trusty van Ol' Blue parked up next to the beachfront in Mobile, AL making up sea chanteys and still laughing about our "chance" meet-up with John Cougar Mellencamp (that was before he dropped the surname).
Colin Brooks // Five-0 played a Halloween show at the river front with G and a bunch of other bands. Graham Cobb and Shannon Yarbrough went all out and dressed up as Axl and Slash. I guess since they had referenced GNR in their song 'Prothro Power' they decided to take it a step further for this occasion. I liked Five-0 for bringing more of a rock sensibility to the party. 'Cut Me Down' was one of my favorites on the Towncraft comp because near the end of the song the guitars are double-tracked. I also thought "Do something, make something, change something, rearrange something" should have been the DIY national anthem.
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