Econochrist returns with Grimple And Paxston Quiggley
Matthew Thompson // This was an incredible show but the after party at Oak Street punk house holds a place in Little Rock history, too. Bottle rocket wars with the neighbors followed by a circle pit around the living room, with The Pogues turned way up and couches flying in the air. Beer cans and bicycle parts flying by in a whirlwind of mayhem. Finally, when everyone was asleep, I decided to walk to a friend's house to sleep because there was no room anywhere. I was stepping on heads trying to find the door. The next day, Grimple made their exit by running into the house, with full bags of neighborhood trash and dumping it on the living room floor. They ran back to their van with a gang of LR punks throwing 40 ounce bottles at them while at the same time probably hoping they'd all return again next year. That was a great summer in Little Rock.
Dave Wilkinson // Around the summer of 92 Econochrist, Paxton Quiggley and Grimple came through Little Rock. It was at Vino's which was like some kind of matinee show. Matt Werth and I went. I had heard Econochrist's "Ruination" record before and I was stoked to see them. I never got to see the band when they were local because I didn't get into the scene until the early 90s. At the time I didn't know they used to be a local band until a little later. There were a handful of people there and I remember seeing Paxton Quiggley and just being blown away, the singer had her head shaved and of course I had never really seen that before. That was the first time I heard new bands as well as seeing and old band that I had been listening to a lot before. I remember they covered Devo's "Uncontrolable Urge." That show also got me further into punk rock and hardcore as well as finding some of the records later. I remember being bummed when I listened to Adios Amerika a few weeks later to learn that Paxton Quiggley broke up.
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