Alan Short // Here's a story. One time during the salad days of The 'Roach, back when the only ones who had names was Seaslug and Hairplug, totally mysterious, Jason Lee and I were skating the freshly painted 'Yellow Wall." A cinderblock(!) wall behind the KFC at IndianHills Shoping Cent. (If you're reading this, you probably know the spot).

Jason went over to throw the mack at the girl working the window next door at MCd's. I heard him ask her if she knew what the Dead Roach Possee was. I heard her tell him, "I don't know; but I know they like, run my school!"
Nate Powell // North Little Rock skateboarders loosely align themselves as tongue-in-cheek skating gang Dead Roach Posse. Marcus Lowe, Chip King, Alan Short, Jason Lee, Darrell Coble, Dee Haas, Jake Jackson, Mike Lierly, Dave Bennett, Nathan Wilson, Nate Price, Dustin Clark, Eli Monster, and Nate Powell, among others, claimed membership over the year.

The posse fizzled out by 1993 as some members became attracted to the lifestyle of being an actual gangster, and others pushed their energies toward the imminent formation of Soophie Nun Squad (itself a tongue-in-cheek gang a few months before it became a band).
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