Curfew enforced in LR
Dave Wilkinson // If I remember correctly, I believe that the curfew was in effect but it was never really enforced until later (circa 94 or 95) when I had already turned eighteen. I do remember that being a big deal. But when I was under age at the time the curfew was put in place it was always possible that the cops wouldn't really fuck with you. Then again I was also with friends that were as young as I was, but there was at least someone around that was older. I wouldn't really say that the crufew was strictly enforced until a few years later when shows were being shut down at the river.
Robert Borden // I dont know if this was a dream or real. I remember drinking aforty maybe with jared who was not 17 at the time or maybe not. We did it on the steps of the courthouse maybe like, i said it was a long time
ago. I was in 12ft6 and drunk so I thought nothin could hurt me. Everyone try to help me, who was there and what happened that night. That memory would be wonderful to have back.
Richard Matson // I'm not sure if this was really 92 and I don't remember the exact details, but at some point, and I think it was only for a few months, Little Rock actually enforced a curfew on people under 18. You had to be off the streets by 10:00 or so. I think this was at least partially in reaction to HBO's release of "Gang Wars: Bangin in Little Rock" and the drive-by shootings that were happening. I don't know how strictly the cops actually enforced it, but it certainly gave your parents a good excuse not to let you go out.
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