Burt Taggart opens Long Arm Records 4
Joy Ritchey // Actually, Burt and I tried to open and own this one together. It was so expensive getting that space, which was actually a pretty great one--I didn't expect the cost of the business license and then our landlord made us get an actual business license. I still have it here. Someone I won't name, well, caused a problem with the plumbing in the restroom and it didn't work at all and there was no money for a plumber. We had that one show there to try to raise some and, as Burt said, got kicked out. We never even had any records. That sure was a fun show, though. Packed. Sorry Burt. I was trying to help and get involved. I think I brought you down and helped kill Long Arm. Also, the photos of of Burt, Mitchell, and Matt adjusting the lights that are on the Long Arm 3 page are really from that one night at 4.
Burt Taggart // Moving for what proves to be the 4th & last time in less than a year, Burt Taggart's Long Arm Records relocates to downtown Little Rock. Less than a week later at it's final re-opening, it is once again shut down by it's landlord for "inordinate & disruptive noises".
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