Nate Powell // Most of my close friends attended the Trusty farewell show as their inaugural punk experience. I couldn't weasel my way to shows for another two months, and it was only because 1)Brian Wasson and I were in Boy Scouts together, and 2)Markus Lowe's family went to my family's church and was able to reassure my folks that I wouldn't be stabbed or robbed. Mike Lierly, Eli Monster, Nathan Wilson, and Nate Price attended this one and returned proclaiming, "at punk shows, they have CHAIRS in the pit!"
Tim Lamb // I lived there as well in the winter of 1996 for four months and spent a lot of time at the "Trusty" house. It was great being in DC and joining the band, prior to their Dishcord release play shows in the area -- Baltimore, DC, NYC. Being a little more safety savvy now, I would never ride in the back drummer Jim's van again on the NJ turnpike! There was a great, cheap Indian restaurant in Arlington that Bobby loved to go to so we went there for dinner as much as we could -- Deli Daba, I think. The Indian guys loved Bobby for some reason -- he was a favorite customer!
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