Living Sacrifice releases self-titled debut
Living Sacrifice releases debut on R.E.X. Records
Nate Powell // My first show was Living Sacrifice at Vino's in January 1992, when they still charged an extra two dollars if you were under eighteen! I bought a special shit-colored beanie from the dollar store to wear at the show. I was so, so terrified of the pit, but gave it a good few seconds lest I hang my head in regret.
Dave Wilkinson // Around late 91-early 92 Jason Truby's brother Chad had given me a copy of Living Sacrifice's first tape. I knew Chad from jr.high school at Walnut (small nut) Valley Christian Academy. I did know Jason however he was a few years older and had left WVCA by the time Chad and I were Jr high. Chad was in grade lower than me. He was in the first band (and I say this very loosely as we knew nothing about songwriting or anything of that sort at the time we just wanted to play) that Matt Werth and I would play in. He told us about Living Sacrifice playing Vino's on friday night I believe. Anyway, I took the tape home and played it and it reminded me of Slayer a little bit but without the lyrics about satanism or war. I knew Jason a little bit as he was in some of the classes my brother had a few years before leaving WVCA. My first time going to Vino's was Living Sacrifice and Faithful Witness. It was a fun show. Circle pits and stage was the first time I would stage dive. Matt and I were near the stage ... (More)
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