Dave Wilkinson // G was an awesome band, and I remember seeing them at Colin and Justin's house to practice during the week. I think they also practiced the same time Substance would as well (which was typically on a sunday afternoon). Justin and I would sometimes be in the basement area watching TV or something after getting bored or tired from skating and G would be practicing. I also remember that Brian Wasson would sometimes fuck with me because for one I hung out with Justin a lot and I had sort of this Napolean Dynamite hair which was like a blonde curly mullet. And so Brian would sort of insult me a bit and then of course when I was at a lot of shows he was cool to me. But I remember seeing G cover Chino Horde's song "Merit." G was just a great band live too I also remember Colin played bass and I believe Steve Kooms played drums as well.
Jason White // G was brilliant. Brian Wasson's brainchild. I remember them playing some important show at Vino's... maybe the Towncraft release? Brian had passed out these little American flags with "G" stenciled on them. People were throwing them everywhere, tearing them up, stomping on them all during their set. I remember catching Matt Thompson dancing on top of one of the house speakers trying to light one on fire. Couldn't get that thing to stay lit.
Colin Brooks // In the spring or summer of '91, Substance practices at my parents' house could be like hang outs. Brian Wasson was often there, and one day we were messing around while waiting for Josh and Shoban to turn up. I was playing bass, Steve Kooms was on drums, John Housley and Wasson were on guitars. Brian starts playing and singing this song (Wasson In Wonderland), and we start following him. After a few minutes we all agree this is pretty cool, and he decides he wants to do a band called G. I'm pretty sure he brought in Jim Thompson a week or so later, and that was it. He played us his songs and we played along. We played some shows that were fun. The song 'When I Think Of You I Take My Pants Off' was a singalong where the crowd would attempt to pants Brian. I would love to get my ears near the lost demo we recorded.
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