Robert Borden // I watched that smoke up johnny vid and totally agree. We have been trying to get l.r. on the map for years. I was inspired by some of the songs the sufferjets put out. I kinda saw us doing trash rock and being very happy. I was very exited to see Matt, Andy, and Allen in a band together. I want to see a show SMOKE UP JOHNNY. I cant wait to see some friends I havent seen in a while.
Robert Borden // I would love for my old friends to contact especially andy. I would also love to get involved in another band but as a singer and maybe a bass player I havent played in a while but i feel kind of Isolated which is probably my own fault and very theraputic. I would love to see everyone.
Robert Borden // I cant remember who we played with but it was gold. We had a case of spray paint and decided to spray paint not just ourselves but the walls the floor and throw a few to Brian and Utrillo who then
proceeded to paint the walls where people stand. I hope people remember them they added a lot to our scene. Needless to say we were told to leave and not com back. It was worth every day for a month I
had to scrub that shit off, as much as we bathed.
Jason White // Named after little train overpass in NLR, 12ft.6 were an important band at this time for me. It was all the guys who lived together at the gnarliest punk houses in a band. I saw them rehearse once in Graham Cobb's mom's garage. John was trying to show the other guys a new song and he kept dropping his pick and cursing, then his strap broke. "Damnit!" They argued and said horrible things to each other. Then met up later and were best friends again. They also used to do a hilarious imitation of Chino Horde. They would put our first record on and lip-synch and jump around and emote.
Matthew Thompson // 12ft6 had that punk spirit that Little Rock hadn't seen since probably Econochrist. They were in your face with no holds barred but you could tell they were having a great time. If one of their friends did something questionable, they'd write a song about it and play it in front of them. 12ft6 pissed a lot of people off but at the same time made us take a look at ourselves. The lyrics were heartfelt and the music was moving. I remember the Halloween show, it must've been 1992, and a lot of bands played ... five-0, Substance, 12ft6 and others. 12ft6 was one of the last bands and when they started their set, all the pumpkins were flying through the air, everyone was covered in pumpkin and smiles by the end of it. Steve Schmidt and I went on a little tour with them and when they played St. Louis, there were a lot of skinheads there. Robert started the set by saying something to the tune of, 'we're anti-american, race-mixing faggots!' 12ft6 definitely left their mark.
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