Trusty releases debut LP
12 song LP
Jason White // Engage was Mark Lowe, Stephen Lamb (Tim's little brother) and myself. Sort of an early incarnation of Fishwagon. Jason Morphew played this, our only, show with us too. I can't believe this was the Trusty release show!
Jason White // I bought my copy out of the trunk of Tim Lamb's car after a Trusty show. We were all so excited about the back cover photo. "There I am!" This is one of the records I memorized the lyrics to. James and Bobby would have an effect on my playing and writing ever since.
TC // Trusty releases its debut in November, recorded on eight-track by Ray Brooks of Crystal Studios to open arms and celebrates with a show at Vino's with Engage and the Holy Rollers and a show at the Antenna Club in Memphis. Maximum Rock 'n' Roll Magazine mistakenly claim Trusty as a Memphis band. Reviewers claim, "Trusty proves to be one of the best bands in the country." Their music gets nationwide (and worldwide) attention, as their tracks are soon released by Minneapolis-based Skene Records, Profane Existance Records, (California-based) Flush Records, and a compilation in Copenhagen.
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