Trusty embarks on first tour
Paul Bowling // Trusty's first tour was a bit of folly. We lit out from Little Rock with the van loaded in such a way as to ensure certain crushing death for all of us in the event of a collision. We had about 50 bucks each, a jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread, some comic books, several packs of cigarettes and a case of hot beer. By St. Louis, most of the money, cigarettes and beer had been consumed and we struggled along for the next two weeks playing shows where, occasionally, the four of us outnumbered those in the audience. We christened the brand new van with mashed-up fenders in Altoona, Pennsylvania, ran out of money and food repeatedly and slept in the grass at state park campgrounds. The tour was not a total bust however, as we did play to some very enthusiastic crowds in Syracuse, Harrisburg and Milwaukee and got to meet some interesting folks and beg them for money, food or a shower.
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