Living Sacrifice forms
Darren Johnson (bass/vocals), Bruce Fitzhugh (guitar/vocals), and Lance Garvin (drums) form Living Sacrifice, considered one of the most influential bands in the Christian metal scene. Jason Truby later joins on guitar. // We've played too many skate parks to count. The one that stands out the most was in Little Rock, Arkansas with Living Sacrifice because it was the hottest, nastiest inside show we've ever played. GOOD TIMES! // When Little Rock, Arkansas' Living Sacrifice formed in 1989, the members had no idea the impact they would have on the evolving metal scene. However, in the midst of their career spanning over a decade, Living Sacrifice became not only influential to up-and-coming acts, but innovators to an entire genre as well. Fusing a heavy metal base with a hardcore flair, albums like 1997's Reborn and 2000's The Hammering Process quickly became anthems for heavy music fans around the world.

Over the years, Living Sacrifice released six albums, charted several times on CMJ's Loud Music Charts and toured with bands ranging from POD to Hatebreed. Metal publications were also eager to praise the band for their ingenious, tight live shows. Metal Maniacs, for example, claimed, "Living Sacrifice has always been a band on the brink of that elusive next level." While Mean Street raved, "he fact that the band has paid their dues is truly evident in the skill of their playing."
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