Lhuwanda forms
Lhuwanda members:
Stephen Lamb
Jack Mulhollan
Jason Morphew
Vince Guillett
Joy Ritchey // Lhuwanda sure was fun. I had forgotten. The first time I remember seeing you all, you were playing at that Methodist church in PV near Laura Stanley's house. I think? Is that right. I remember the night because I have a great photo of Catherine McRae playing the violin with another band on the same stage the same night. I guess I was 15 if you all were juniors. I might have the church location wrong. Sorry. I still have a tape of Jason singing Prince's "When you were mine" that I really love, but I can't remember if you all played it live as a band. I'm sorry I don't remember the details better. I have a photo of you all holding Leslie Shickel up in the air right before or after practice, I think. I'll try to find it. She's playing muse and you all look pleased.
Jason Morphew // Jason: I'll start. Lhuwanda began when Stephen Lamb (younger brother of Tim Lamb) and Jack Mulholland came over to my dad's house on Johnson St. in Stifft's Station to teach Jack and me how to play "Swann St." by the band 3 on my acoustic guitar. Stephen was pretty good at playing this song by himself, but all I knew how to play was my one song "Four Walls," which had far fewer chords than "Swann St." Jack, who didn't yet have a guitar, avoided this dilemma altogether. Within a month we were regularly rehearsing with a drummer named Vince Guillett at Jack's parents' house in Foxcroft, where Jack's dog Hungarian sheepdog Banger often protested the band's invasion of his space by defecating on our guitar cables.

Jack: Did you know that I met Stephen when he came over to skate on the half-pipe that I built under my house in Foxcroft? He was a sweaty red-headed kid who could skate. On that very meeting, he showed me the intro riff to REM's So. Central Rain, which happened to be one of the only songs I knew on guitar at the time besides Driver 8 and Violent Femmes' Please Don't Go.

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