Michael Hibblen hits the airwaves on KABF
Louisa Rook // Michael hibblen is an old friend of mine from nlr. Here’s a link to his website that includes an article that he wrote about unpantesen anne jansen, a band that included (at various times) me, steve schmidt, bircho, jim thompson, rett peek, and of course, sam caplan.

www.hibblenradio.com // KABF was the first radio station I would ever broadcast on. Owned by the community activist group ACORN, the 100,000-watt public station covered most of Arkansas and featured more than 100 volunteer program hosts like myself, offering a wide range of programming not heard on other stations. It quite honestly was an incredible place.

The goal of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is to help low to moderate income families get affordable housing, better wages and to get businesses and corporations to invest in the inner city. It has hundreds of chapters throughout the county and runs two radio stations, KABF in Little Rock and KNON in Dallas. Through these stations, it strives to provide a broadcast voice for its causes and to offer programming to the people it serves.

KABF's broadcast schedule was an eclectic mix. In the early mornings it aired black gospel, mid-mornings jazz, mid-days usually had some kind of news or public affairs, early afternoons were soul and reggae shows, mid-afternoons had the incredibly popular blues programs, early evenings were country or bluegrass, with various forms of rock and alternative airing most nights until the early morning. It also offered Native American, Spanish and other ... (More)
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