Lincoln Smith // Jezus H. I was at this show... 20 years ago... when I was 15... these guys WERE loud. I remember at one point the song sort of fell into more of a narrative, like a story or a fable... dry ice, about 8 or 9 tiny mirror balls going at once... fucking BUBBLE MACHINE... these guys were just hairy shadows on stage, trying to crush you with volume... and then they unstrapped their guitars and leaned them against their amps, deliberately trying to get as much feedback as possible... then they sauntered to the back of the room to where the bar was an and each had a drink while the feedback just kept on and on... then after having finished their drinks, the would resume the stage, strap-up and go into "Death Valley '69", which is a Sonic Youth number that they had kind of incorporated into their repetoire. I really didn't gain a real appreciation for what I had seen until I had eaten acid for the first time... then I was like, "Oh... riiiiiiiiiight!"
Tim Lamb // Maybe one of the loudest shows ever at DMZ, not to mention trippiest -- is this punk? Is this psychedelic? My ears were ringing the next day.
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