The Belvedere built
The Belvedere in Riverfront Park is built in commemoration of the sesquicentennial of Arkansas' statehood. The concrete gazebo-like structure is originally programmed by the City of Little Rock for classical and traditional instrumental music groups, but in later years becomes a favorite spot for garage bands and local musicians seeking an outdoor performance space.

The Belvedere is part of the historic Julius Breckling Riverfront Park. In 1722, the French explorer Bernard de la Harpe found two distinct rock formations on the south bank of the Arkansas River, naming the smaller La Petite Roche.
Dave Wilkinson // I saw a lot of shows under The Belvedere and it was interesting that we had shows there or even under the blue tent for that matter. Even more amazing was the fact that we were able to have shows for a number of years without the cops coming around. But of course after a few years that started to happen when Boy Sets Fire and some other bands were scheduled to play--they had their gear out. They ended up putting it back in the van because the cops came by and started going on about permits to use electricity and all. Of course this was the first time I knew that the cops were getting wise to it. I'm sure there more incidents that occurred but for long time I went to shows at the river there was really never any concern about that
Richard Matson // The Little Rock riverfront is littered with strange little gazebos that never get used. I seem to remember that one of the local folk music bands, "Lark in the Morning" (what a pleasing name! I want to say that they leaned more towards medieval folk -- SCA style), would play occasionally at the Belvedere. But, in the early 90s, the Belvedere served as Stage B for underground/punk music scene. When bands weren't feeling the wide open vibe of the amphitheatre, they’d set up in the Belvedere's more intimate setting. For several summers, there were 3 or 4 shows a week.
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