NOTA plays first DIY hardcore show
VFW Hall North Little Rock
Randy Lilleston // Hey, I was in *Nun* of the Above (the band mentioned by Dan Bailey above), and as I recall, this show actually was supposed to be at some beat-up old abandoned greenhouse that had been turned into , and NOTA never showed up. I'm also proud to have been one in a succession of Nuns who got to sing "Slave." Dan, by the way, turned me on to the Cramps, for which I am eternally grateful.
Dan Bailey // None of the Above of course weren't to be confused with *Nun* of the Above, which was a mainly Democrat (& maybe Gazette) newsroom-centric garage band that played out a few times. Punkest thing they ever did was cover the (Canadian) Subhumans' "Slave to My Dick," which I think they altered to "Slave to My Heart" when they played on some local stage at Riverfest in the late '80s. (If memory serves, those guys were taught the song by a Democrat reporter named Carl Hall, who wound up covering business for USA Today a few years later.)
Tim Lamb // I believe this may have been the first, or one of the first self-promoted hardcore show in the LR area. Ben Sizemore organized this at the VFW hall, which probably only charged about $50 to use the space. N.O.T.A was a hardcore band from Tulsa. The Rhythm Pigs, also from OK, may have been on the bill as well. I remember this first show well as if it represented the litmus test as to whether or not a scene could develop in LR/NLR, and whether or not the city could be as cool as we imagined it could be. Flyers were put up all over town and lots of calls were made. We knew a good crowd could mean that word would spread that LR was worth playing. What we wanted was to see more bands come through. If I remember right, about 75 people showed up and it was a great show. The band got paid!
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