Dead Milkmen play SOB
October 25, 1986
Cindy Underwood // This was the first punk show that I had ever been to. I was 15 at northeast high school and it was actually a KABF benefit show. We had to have somenone's mom drop us off and pick us up. It was the first time I had ever "slam danced". I bought a tshirt and the guys in the band talked to all the kids after the show- it was an all ages show which was unusual for SOB. It seems like thats the last show I remember until I was a junior in high school when DMZ opened. // Part 1 from 18 YEARS AGO: "We then drive to Little Rock, Arkansas. We go to a mall so Rodney can see the "Great Pumpkin". Dan and I wander the mall - it's funny - we get all kinds of great stares. Then to eat at a BBQ place - good food. Then to "SOB" the club we play tomorrow. We are to meet Benny the dude Dave R. said we were staying with. Two bands tonight - we hang out - bad music. Drink beer then decide not to wait for him. We get to a hotel at 12:30. Watch TV and to bed 3AM." ( // Part 2 from 18 YEARS AGO: "Up at 10 or so - out and eat at "Wendy's". Drive to the "SOB" club for sound check at 1PM. Load in and set up. Rod and I do an interview for the Mt. Pleasant show (Michigan). Sound check - good sound. All ages show started at 3. We went on at 3:30. Play a good show. Lots of kids - ON STAGE. Knew the words. Great - almost all the shirts sold.

We have to move to the back room for the bar show - the cartoons are in the front room (?). Some of us go to a radio station and tape a good interview. Back to the club to eat dinner. I find a $10 bill. We sound check - OK but a bit muddy on stage. Hang out. People arrive and the opening band plays - 'Gun Bunnies'. OK pop songs - too many covers - they were just having fun anyway. The place is very crowded. I forget to put my snares on for the opening song - I flipped midway. We played a good show. 2 encores - did "Hangin' Round" - the 'Monkees' also played tonight in ... (More)
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