Rice Street becomes 1st punk house
Tre Baker // I've got some old videotape from Christmastime, 1991, of the Rice Street House, before it got too punked up. Plenty of non-party stories from that era, like chilling on the couch watching "The Box" come across some scratchy UHF channel.

And I know for a fact, despite the photograph on this page, that the Rice Street House never had a freakin' staircase inside it. My guess is that the New Year's Eve photo was taken at The Mansion, off of Third Street.

[Ed Note: The photo has been updated.]
Matthew Thompson // Yes, Oak Street it was, although Robert and others did live in a house on Valmar as well, in the early '90s. But Oak Street is where 12ft6 lived. It was where you could smoke a "'caine filled Kool" with one of the neighbors, on any given moment of any given day. Also, the "Phantom of The Hood" lived right across the street. He was like Iceberg Slim meets P-funk meets Ron O'Neal. He drove a big Cadillac but the main attraction was the tinted windows on his sun porch. You couldn't see inside the porch but you could always hear some loud, eerie sounds coming out of the synthesizer he always played. I remember getting literally CHASED out of that neighborhood once, skating across the bridge toward the "lighter side of things." These guys were walking past me and they said something to me and I basically ignored them, which they didn't like too much. I looked back after a bit and they were running at me. I picked up my skateboard to defend myself, which works really well, by the way. Eventually, one of them picked up a huge rock and started running at me. I took off ... (More)
Lincoln Smith // CORRECTION! The house I'm thinking about was located on Oak St., NOT 12t. My bad!
Lincoln Smith // Robert and Virginia are correct about the punk house located on 12th. It was in a very SCARY neighborhood. Though I was never around for it, they regularly mentioned hearing gunfire in the middle of the night. Their neighbor from across the street was rumored to be the reigning drug lord of the area and you could hear him playing the organ in his house. Doing things that may have damaged the place never seemed to be on the forefront of anyone's mind because the place was already a mess to begin with. If I'm not mistaken Virginia and Robert both lived there as well as this guy, Adrian. It was hard to tell who was an actual "resident" and who was just "flopping." It's a shame that the place doesn't get more mention because I think some folks were just way too scared of the neighborhood where it was located to make it a more regular thing. But I have fond memories of that place and of the people who were there. I remember when Econochrist came back to town to do a matinee show at Vino's, only to be surprised by their friends from the Bay Area, Paxton ... (More)
Virginia Mahfouz // Robert is right. The first punk house was about three years before Rice Street - in the hood off of 12th - on like Valmar Street. It smelled weird, but the floors were mighty comfortable to sleep on with enough beer in you.
Dave Wilkinson // I saw a couple of shows at the Rice St House. Class Of 84 and the New Years show with Soophie Nun Squad, Richochet Rocket (Matt Werth's kind of surf/instrumental band with him on drums) and of course a party that would follow afterwards with John Pugh in a super-hero get up. I'm in the picture that was used for Soophie Nun Squad's live CD...No One Gets Out Alive. I'm near the door in the left corner. At any rate, I remember those were fun shows and I remember everyone jumping up and down and the floors just bouncing I thought the floors were going to cave in. It was in a pretty bad neighborhood but of course it would occur to me later that a lot of shows were either near or in some pretty sketchy parts of town. I thought the house was pretty cool though.
Robert Borden // What about the most dangerous punk house before rice st. where 12ft6 lived?
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