A+Setup records their debut
Travis McElroy // A+Setup recorded their debut full length album "Language" in 2005 at Kyle's house mostly on our wonderful lil Fostek(sp?) digital 16-track recorder. We have a four track but it's broken. The average number of takes per song is 15.78. A+ Setup is still learning. A+Setup has been played on the radio in Texas and Arkansas AND Oklahoma cause they are awesome like that. Nickleback better watch their back. Currently A+ Setup are getting bigger than that Jesus guy. They are, at this very moment, more righteous and magnanomous than any other unsigned band from Arkansas on the planet! They are now and forever the answer to all the world's problems. Though frequently idolized they do not ask that their fans worship them, but simply show up to their gigs. That, and blindly worship them.
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