Mulehead releases final album 'Finer Thing' on Max Recordings
Burt Taggart // Jason Weinheimer of The Boondogs & the Spin South record label had already propositioned Kevin about putting this one out. And while I didn't want to get in his way, I really wanted it from him. Since I'd started Max I'd hoped to work with Mulehead on a project and since they'd already proclaimed this would be their last, my chance was almost up! Anyways, Jason didn't seem to mind [Thanks!] and so that was that. That cover was so great too, and really just seals up a particular year or two for me in Little Rock. The Living Room was a smallish den of a restaurant, bar & club that a bunch of bands had tried quite successfully to take over. Out back, behind the small kitchen window hung these decrepit letters that read "Finer Thing".
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