American Princes release 'Little Spaces' on Max Recordings
Burt Taggart // This one came after probably a solid year of the Princes touring and it shows from the get go. I was still very much trying to get my footing with Max Recordings and [I think it goes without saying] that the Princes spurred as much of that on as any of my own doings. A really great record though, with a sizable amount of depth to it. I remember Jonathan Lovett helping with the artwork layout and both of us just staring at these images that singer David Slade's mother had sent for us to use. Amoeba-like children in wombs with flowers, etc.!
TC // American Princes release Little Spaces on August 14. They immediately hit the road for six weeks followed by another grueling three weeks. Mistaken for homeless in Nashville by the homeless, they're given a gift certificate to a fast food joint with the caveat, "Not much but enough to make a turd." Their previous tour in February of 2004, in the middle of an East Coast blizzard, results in cancelled shows, a fistfight at an RV camp in Lebanon, Tennessee, and a fortuitous meeting in Memphis leads to Yep Roc's Glenn Dicker hearing their CD, and the eventual signing of American Princes.
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // for some reason still beyond me, they were nice enought to let me come in and try and ruin this record by letting me sing backup on a couple songs. once there, i lobbied pretty hard to get on 'rock n'' roll singer'. they begrudgingly let me take a stab at a staza of the chorus. only i was so excited that it came out all funny like some kind of over-the-top and out-of-tune glam thing. after one try, i walked out and mumbled that they didn't have to use that. i think david said, "yeah... we probably won't". i hear rumors that someone (marcus lowe) made a loop of that take as a joke. everyone seems to deny this but i've got on good sources that it exists. to the person that has the loop: i want a copy. i need a good laugh. that was the first time i met marcus. too. he would record and produce 'viva ole' for us a few months later.
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