Ho-Hum releases 'Near And Dear'
Ho-Hum releases 'Near And Dear' on Playadel
Dan Johnson, The Contingencies // rod had opened his record store (anthropop) across from vino's and somehow i caught wind of it in conway. it quickly became my second home. i remember rod pushing his band ho-hum on me every so often and eventually decided that i liked a few of the songs, especially the new ones they were working on for their next album. he had all of their previous records in the store but since i had bought 'sanduleak' a couple years before and absolutely did not like it, i decided to wait a couple months for the new one to be released (i knew i liked at least a couple of those songs). from the opening line of the album ("i don't give a damn about your rock n' roll") i was intrigued. i don't think i took 'near and dear' out of my cd player for at least a couple months. it was, to my ears, a little heavy on the eighties but a revelation, nonetheless. i soon bought all of hohum's previous work and loved every second of all of it. even 'sanduleak'. it might be for sentimental reasons, but 'near and dear' is still my favorite hohum record.
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