Travis McElroy // A+Setup had a lot in its system then, so A+Setup isn't really sure if they formed in 2003 or 2004. A+ are/is actually three people who go by the monikers of Benjamin J., Justin Sutter and Kyle Hale. They all grew up in a tiny town called Booneville in Arkansas except for Kyle who spent his first 10 years in Iowa. Kyle is like that sometimes. Benjamin was born in Germany and also lived in Detroit for two years before coming to Booneville. Ben is also like that sometimes. Sutter is always like Sutter. These three fine gents have played off and on together in crappy failed bands since 2001. They had always attempted to write songs in groups. Those songs sucked. It wasn't until they adopted the "Somebody write a goddamned song! I don't care who! Just somebody! Christ!" approach in 2003 that things started to come together. They had to choose a name. They were almost the Dirt Dobbers. That would've been awesome. Instead they became an A+ Setup, a name that referenced the old and borrowed equipment that they used at the time. That name has given them much trouble because of the "+", but now they're ... (More)
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