Walkie Talkie #1 released
Matthew Thompson // In the summer of '05, I was visiting my dad who lives right across the street from the comic book store up on Park Hill in North Little Rock. I walked in, searching for my regular comics while talking with the employees. I was telling them how it used to be a McDonald's, years and years ago.

"Yeah, back when they had the little golden tin ashtrays and Bingo Night once a week, which all the old ladies would go to."

I soon saw "Walkie Talkie" #3, as well as "It Disappears", on the shelf and got all excited and bought it. I then headed to Starlite Diner and read Nate's comics while drinking coffee.

That was a good day for me.
Joshua Bentley // I remember having Nate autograph a copy of this for me when it first came out, I thought it was just so friggin awesome that he had a comic book published. I still have that same copy today in an airtight plastic baggie showing off his signature on the front cover. It's personally worth millions to me.
Nate Powell // I published 2,000 copies of this comic in May 2000-in my last year at school in NYC, I managed to win an obscure self-publishing grant, and dumped all the money into making a "proper" comic, format-wise. I did several stories, and there were also contributions by Tennessee Jones (then Kim Roberts), Emil(y) Heiple, Al Burian, Nike Kelce, Chris Murray, Maralie Armstrong-Milholland, and Natalja Kent. This was also the first comic of mine to ever be distributed by the mainstream comics distro Diamond, and thus potentially hit hundreds of comic book stores. Apparently, Diamond had to have a special meeting where they voted on whether or not to carry the book; some folks really believed in it, and others couldn't get past the fact that it was essentially a punk zine, just in comic format.
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