Stephen Koch founds annual Louis Jordan Tribute show at Vino's
Stephen Koch // Former Little Rock Free Press Editor-in-Chief Stephen Koch founds the annual Louis Jordan Tribute show at Vino's. It is eventually staged at other area venues such as Juanita's Cantina, Cajun’s Wharf and Cornerstone Pub. Intended as a fund-raiser for a memorial to the R&B pioneer in his native Brinkley, the Louis Jordan Tribute also becomes a showcase of Little Rock and state acts. It has continued for more than a decade. Ashtray Babyhead, Nessie, Trout Fishing in America, CeDell Davis, John Weston, the Greasy Greens, Bug Tussle Boys, Mulehead, Go Fast, Jim Dickinson, Brenda & Ellis and Greg Spradlin are among the performers who have played the Jordan Tributes. Mrs. Louis Jordan attends in 1998, and the annual Little Rock event is recognized by the U.S. Library of Congress’s “Living Legacies” program as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
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