Fugazi plays LR (at Vino's)
May 23, 1991 at Vino's with Trusty
Jason White // Even bigger than when they played Mandrake's. There was steam coming off the walls. The most people I've ever seen in that backroom. I was front and center between their monitors trying to not get squished against the stage. I gave up about 3/4 of the way through the set and hopped onstage next to Ian and watched the rest of the show. We kept screaming for them to play "Glue Man", which they didn't.
Cory Walker // This was my first "that show blew my freakin' mind" moment. I went because, of course, that dude from Minor Threat was in the band. During the show, two questions came to mind: a) What planet is this music from and how can I get there? and b) What on earth is a band this unbelievably awesome doing playing the back room of a pizza place in the Little Rock, Arkansas? I'd like to say that the next day I formed some kick ass local beat combo. Nope. What I did instead was buy a "This is not a Fugazi" shirt from a video store in a West Little Rock strip mall. 3 more years of celibacy ensue...
Colin Brooks // I almost didn't get to see Fugazi the second time they played in Little Rock. A week before the show, my parents went on vacation to Hawaii and left me and my younger brother in the care of our grandmother. I was driving us both to school by that time, but for this week that my parents were gone, I couldn't be bothered to go to high school. I didn't think they would find out, but they got a letter in the mail. I was grounded, but I had to see Fugazi for the second time, so I hatched a plan. Brian Wasson had to meet me at the end of my street in his car. I gave my parents the old "I'm gonna retire early" bit, and snuck out of the house. Brian was right on time, and we drove to the show. It was amazing, as the video Marcus Lowe made shows. After the show, Marcus approached me with the camera to get my thoughts. You can see me telling him on the video to get the camera off of me. What if my parents saw? Like they would ever have watched a Fugazi show on video.
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